Everybody stay CALM, I’m a PARENT!!

By Øssur Eysturoy: Everybody stay CALM, I’m a PARENT!! I must admit that when I sat down to read this book, I had pretty high expectations. Not only do I know the author personally, his children are also friends of my children, and I have never seen so nice, capable, helpful, happy and harmonic children before. He and his wife always seem happy, and although they have three children under ten, they never seem stressed or even tired. I want that!!

So I started reading, and before I had even finished the first chapter I had had several “why haven’t I thought of that?” moments.

This book is filled with advice that may seem so obvious, when you read them, but for some reason you never think about it when the situations occur. The author doesn’t just say do this and do that, he speaks to your own sense of reason, and without pointing an accusing finger, he shows me things that I’ve been doing wrong ever since my oldest was born, and what I should do instead. I have read the whole book once, but I find myself turning to it for advice on a daily basis.

One of the fantastic things about this book, is that I can see myself in so many of the small stories and anecdotes; like when the author’s 3 year old daughter wants to show how good she is at making pirouettes, while he is trying to read his newspaper, or when he tries to convince his other daughter to eat healthy, while he is craving the chocolate cake in the fridge. Or when his son asks him a question that catches him completely off guard, I laughed out loud when I read it. It really is priceless.

The book is split up in chapters, and it deals with issues for practically every age from baby to teenager. By following, and implementing, the advice in this book to your upbringing, you can deal with, and avoid many of the problems that we see in children and young people today. It’s logic and simplicity is so easily understood, and implemented, that I am surprised, shocked even, that so many people, myself included, haven’t thought of it ourselves.


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